Slide background Programs & Performances
“Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts”
Shree Paavitra Arts Academy (SPAA) gives students different opportunities to showcase their dancing skills on various public platforms. In the past, our students have performed at renowned dance festivals all over India. Students have also represented SPAA internationally with performances in Singapore and Greece amongst others.
Stage performances have their own thrill, but there is nothing comparable to the joy of dancing in a temple, where Bharatanatyam is at its purest form. Temple programs are the best place for the students to let go, enjoy dancing and of course, thank the Almighty for this wonderful art. Apart from temple programs organized by SPAA, our students are invited by temples to perform.
Through the years, our students have performed in the following places:
Year 2013
  • MIG Club – UCDC students perform at the opening ceremony before a cricket match
  • Rotary Club – UCDC students
Year 2011
  • Bharti cultural Association, Mumbai – students performed a ballet on Nature
  • Performance at Bandra Marico evening
  • Asian Film Festival – students performed a ballet on Body Mind & Soul
  • Performance at Udipi & Mookambika temple (Karnataka)
Year 2010
  • Chennai Dance & Music festival – students perfumed a Ballet on Adi Shankara
  • Chennai Pongal festival – fusion dance ‘Iyarkai Jalangal’ for Chennai Sangamam programme
  • Brigadeeshwara temple – Rajarajeswaram, celebrating 1,000th year of the temple (Thanjavur-Tamil Nadu). Performed by 1,000 dancers. Organised by Dr. Padma Subramanyam
Year 2009
  • Performance at Nataraja temple, Satara, Maharashtra for Mahshivaratri festival
Year 2008
  • Performance at Sur Singar Sansad (Mumbai)
  • Performance for the Australian High Commission
  • Chennai Music & Dance festival – students performed a ballet ‘Madhurya Bhakti’ based on the events in the life of goddess Lakshmi
  • Chennai Music & Dance festival – students performed a Ballet ‘Bhakti Bhavam’ on Radha, Meera and Aandal the devotees of Lord Krishna
Year 2007
  • Performance at the famous Chidambaram temple (Tamil Nadu)
  • Performance at Mellatur temple (Tamil Nadu) where Bharatanatyam was revived
  • Performed contemporary dance on ‘The 5 Elements’ at the 21st International dance Congress, Greece
Year 2006
  • Chennai Music & Dance festival – student performed a ballet ‘Kavyam’ on Jayadeva’s Geeta Govindam
Year 2005
  • Shivali dance festival – performed ‘Shanmuga Priya’ a composition on Lord Kartikeya
Year 2004
  • Rotary Club, Mumbai – performed a ballet ‘Purarari Murari Samarpanam’ for their fund raising event
Year 2003
  • Celebrate Bandra Program
Year 2002
  • • R.K.Narayan festival – performed a dance ballet ‘Vanakkam’ at Arya Vidya Mandir School, Mumbai