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Nandhini Ashok – Founder Director
At SPAA, Nandhini plays a multi-faceted role as a dancer, a teacher, an event organizer and a philanthropist. As a teacher, Nandhini is the most loved as well as the most feared! Fondly known as ‘Nandhini Aunty’ or ‘Akka’, she is a perfectionist and an extremely creative individual. Known for getting bored quickly with older dance items, all her students look forward to her bursts of energy while she is composing something new.
With a teaching career of over 15 years, Nandhini brings the most essential element of dance to SPAA – her passion. This has been constant since she founded SPAA in 1998 with just three students. Today, she trains the advanced batches and dedicates most of her time to training students for their Arangetram. Even with newer teachers joining us, she is constantly there to guide and support all the students, be it in India, or anywhere in the world.
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Sudha Venkateswaran – Administrator
Her journey in the world of dance began when she enrolled her daughter in Nandhini’s class. How her love for dance could grow watching 8 year olds awkwardly stumbling through complicated steps is a wonder, but it did. And as the class matured into a full-blown academy, so did her involvement in it.
Sudha started off occasionally lending a hand during programmes. From there she went on to more administrative jobs like organizing and coordinating programmes. Soon, her love and ear for music prompted her to attend recordings, and help choose and arrange songs.
Today, Sudha’s responsibilities in the academy range from event management, research, accounting and general support. Her contribution to SPAA is one of pure dedication and possibly inimitable. She is also a trustee and is an inseparable part of the academy.