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At Shree Paavitra Arts Academy (SPAA), there is so much more to classical dancing than simply learning the dance movements. Here, dance is taught to students in different creative ways that it can always be remembered. The beauty of Bharatanatyam lies in its beautiful geometric angles and intricate patterns of the steps. Great emphasis is laid on the emotions, correct technique, and mathematical calculations behind each dance. Students learn about the traditional costumes, jewelry, make-up along with the choreography.
All the students are able to not only replicate and perform the dances but are also trained to teach in the future! We take pride in the fact that so many of our students have gone on to teaching Bharatanatyam in affiliation with us or have returned to dancing after long gaps.
As we all say here at SPAA, dance is a way of life!
We encourage people from all age groups to join us in the following:
Regular Classes
• Group Classes
• Private Classes
Contact: +91 98194 20887 | +91 98200 23578
The coming of age for a dancer, Arangetram literally means “ascending the stage”. Each Arangetram is approached differently with a unique theme to match the dancer’s personality and interests.
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Shows & Performances
A dancer can never be complete without the experience of performing on stage in front of an audience. The journey of performing in a temple is one of the greatest joys one can experience. To find out more about these performances…
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With a holistic approach, we encourage our students to take theoretical and practical examinations. Students can equip themselves with a Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree and all the way to a Doctorate.
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