Slide background Choreography
For Nandhini Ashok, choreography has always been a very interesting and demanding subject. Creating unique dance pieces and choreographing the same piece in different ways is a challenge she takes up time and again. Being a production house of a new large scale ballet almost every year, Shree Paavitra (SPAA) is known for its creativity and uniqueness.
When asked about a career in dance choreography, Nandhini believes that we are gifted with many poets who have written songs on different gods, goddesses and themes which are available to us. When we take a poet’s work on any theme, his composition has many meanings and there can be various interpretations. One needs to be aware of the meaning, time and place to truly understand and depict what the poet was trying to convey.
SPAA provides you with deeper knowledge on these themes, the history and culture it comes from. This gives students occasions to choreograph their own songs and express themselves. No two people can be identical. In the same way, if songs are choreographed individually, each student’s creativity shines through and the soul of the dance becomes more interesting to watch.
Some of our choreographies include widely acclaimed ballets like Kaavyam, Body Mind and Soul, Jeevan Mukti, Nature, Madhuriyabhakti which have been performed on platforms across the country.